Our Certification Testing

Basic Requirements to Attain Status of Certified Field Assistant:

Each trainee must demonstrate proficiency in the following skills:

  • 1. Map and Compass
  • 2. Scent Behavior
  • 3. Search Strategy and Tactics
  • 4. Crime Scene Preservation
  • 5. CPR & First Aid
  • 6. K-9 First Aid
  • 7. Radio Operational Procedures
  • 8. Physical Fitness
  • 9. Incident Command System


Certification Canine Testing Process: Certified Handlers:

The Certification Canine Testing Process consists of a suite of pre-requitise requirements followed by four Search Tests.

Pre-requisites for Canine Search Testing:

  • Handler must complete their Certifications for Field Assistant before their canine is allowed to start their search tests.
  • Handler-Canine team must successfully pass Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification test as evaluated by a qualified AKC CGC evaluator.
  • Handler-Canine team must successfully pass our internal obedience test.
  • Handler-Canine team must take an introduction level canine agility course and get signoff from the instructor that the canine is comfortable on several specific agility elements.

Search Tests for Probationary Operational Status:

  • The pre-requisites listed above must be completed before the canine is allowed to test at this level.
  • Canine must complete the above mentioned pre-requisites before they will be allowed to start their search tests.
  • Test 1. Hasty Problem – Day or night search. Trail length to be a minimum of 1 mile, not to exceed 1 1/2 mile. Search limited to one pass for one subject hidden within 30 feet of trail. Subject may be placed on either side of the trail. One hour time limit.
  • Test 2. Operational Test – 40 to 60 acre night search for a minimum of one subject with a maximum of two. Handler will know number of subjects hidden. Canine-Handler team must find all subjects placed. Three hour time limit.

Search Test for Full Operational Status:

  • Test 3. Full Operational Test – 120 to 160 acre day search for two subjects hidden. Canine-Handler team must find both subjects. Five hour time limit. Note; Evaluators may extend test one hour due to weather or terrain conditions.

Search Test for Advanced Operational Status:

  • Test 4. Advanced Operational Test – Teams shall have passed the Full Operational test and the Operational Cadaver Search test.