DAWGS Membership Application Cover Letter

Thank you for your interest in search and rescue and in DAWGS, Inc. At the bottom of the page you will find a downloadable Word document containing the application. Please fill in the application thoroughly and include any additional information that you feel is applicable. Then either email it to us using the email link at the bottom of the page, or mail a signed copy of your completed application to the P.O. Box on the form. You may attach copies of any medical, search and rescue, or related certifications that you have. Before you do that, however, please read the rest of this page.

Belonging to a volunteer K-9 search and rescue (SAR) team represents a significant commitment in time and energy. Training, certifying, and then searching with or without a dog requires commitment from both the Trainee and the entire unit. We are a small, select, dedicated group of men, women and dogs. The small size of our team places tremendous responsibility on each individual for the success of the group as a whole. Therefore, applicants are accepted with great care.

Certified team members will review your application and vote on accepting you as an Applicant. If your application is accepted, you will be invited to attend 3 months of team training sessions. After three months as an Applicant, team members will then vote on whether to extend Trainee status to you. Upon becoming a Trainee, you have 1 year to obtain the minimum qualifications required to be a Certified Field Assistant.

If you are considering training a dog for SAR, an important point to understand is that not all dogs are suitable for SAR work. Everyone wants to believe that their dog will make it, but the reality is that many dogs do not succeed for various reasons. You must understand that your dog may not make the program.

If we sound cautious it is because we are. We are selective because the work is demanding both physically and mentally. Your commitment must be for the long term because we cannot afford to train people whose interest turns out to be casual. Though the work is fun and rewarding, each team member takes his or her lifesaving responsibilities with utmost seriousness – including the selection of new members.

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